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- December 2011
Shaun McCutcheon, P.E. (Alabama) - I considered investing in several land investments where conservation easements were contemplated. Conservation Easement Advisors, LLC helped me sift through a number of various projects to help me identify the best structured projects and point out benefits and weaknesses in the various projects and their structure. Jason Stinson and his staff have an excellent working knowledge, not only about conservation easements, but in the real estate field in general. Jason holds a CCIM Designation in commercial real estate and is the owner of a successful, full service, commercial real estate firm which is one thing that seperates him from many of his competitors in the conservation easement consulting area. I was able to receive a Federal and State Income Tax Deduction and may offset up to 50% of my Adjusted Gross Income in 2011 and any unused deduction will carry forward up to fifteen years.
- November 2011
Max Stinson (Alabama) - I am always looking for ways to cut my Federal and State Income Tax Liability. Conservation Easement Advisors, LLC helped educate me on a very unique method where I could reduce 50% of my Federal and State Adjusted Gross Income in 2011 using conservation easements, while at the same time conserving natural resources and protecting land. Conservation Easement Advisors, LLC helped me sift through several land investments that I was contemplating investing in, that involved the placement of a conservation easement. What I found out quickly, was there are many different ways the easements are structured, and many of the land investment deals are put together rather poorly. Conservation Easement Advisors, LLC helped me quickly eliminate several land investments because they lacked certain due diligence documents or the due diligence documents were poorly put together. I would highly recommend Conservation Easement Advisors, LLC to help you reduce income taxes and help conserve land and natural resources.
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